Monday, August 24, 2009


im so sorry lately ni im not cncentrating on you. im too busy sayang. i kat umah pn busy jgk. nk buke i jgk yg tgkus lumus prepare brg nk msk. im soo sorry. but i still sayang you taw arin. jst that i busy dgn report yg x siap lg. da la byk. i nak report i perfect. hmm. arin u had help me a lot and u always be there when im in need. thank you sgt2. and u defend i. and thanks smlm dtg umah buke. and layan c fadhli bntot mantap tu g tu g bazar. arin i am really grateful to have you. and you know how much i love you rite? i am so sorry. im trying to be the best for you. arin antara rmai2 ex i. u yg btol2 pndai jage ati i. yg melayan kerenah i 24 hours. u je yg sanggup arin. sbb tu i ckp i am really grateful to have you. thank you arin. hope jodoh kite pjg. and i pn rase happy nak raya tahun ni. sbb i ade you. =) kite raye same2 k? sorry kalo i cmplain the way u dress ape sume. i jst want the best for you. because you are the best for me! i love you.