Tuesday, May 18, 2010


he came to my house today. we havent meet each other for 5 days. i miss him so much. hmm. tpu la x rindu. td aku btol2 happy. dlu slalu sgt jumpe so x rase rindu sgt tp skang dah mule rase gap sbb masing2 busy. i miss the old days. the old us. seriously. i am trying my best for us so that we do not fight anymore. i really love you arin. myb my physical reaction do not shows that i love you but deep inside of me i know that my heart belongs to you. i just want to say im sorry because i hurt you before. i feel really bad for myself. myb i am still scared. im scared if anything happen to us. hmm. i know that you love me sooo much and theres no one can love me the same way like you did. hmm. i just want to say i love you and i really really really appreciate all the things that you had done to me. and all the sacrifices. thats all for now. <3